Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass entry doors have become the material of choice for a large percentage of today's fine homes. Molded fiberglass has also been available within the garage door industry for several years and is gaining acceptance as a logical material to produce high quality, high definition garage doors.

The durabilty of Fiberglass has long been proven in aerospace, automotive, marine and residential construction applications.

Fiberglass garage doors are extremely impact resistant,stainable, paintable, and have the appearance of high end wood at a more competitive price.

Fiberglass exterior skins are fully supported at all points with a 2.4 lb. density polyurethane core.

Molded fiberglass is an improved method to produce door skins compared to the translucent pultruded fiberglass skins available approximately 20 years ago.

Fiberglass is an excellent choice of materials to better match the durability of other materials utilized for today's home exteriors!

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